Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sucker for a 'Dark Fairy Tale' ...

I have, once again, accept the guilt of all guilts for not updating. Since I'm writing to you finally, it's safe to assume (and you'd be correct!) that I've taken my semi-regular 'reading break' and I don't currently have any review books pending. After a kind of review-heavy summer, I have to say... that's kind of welcome.

I did bring home a book from work, though. You never know when you might start to get the reading itch, and I have quite a bit of lag time during a morning of boring laundry tomorrow. 'Breadcrumbs' by Anne Ursu won 'book that peeked my interest the most' by a landslide at our last children's book list pow-wow. Even though we're set to talk about nonfiction at this Monday's meeting, the book was described as sort of a darker version of a modern fairy tale ... and I do love it whenever anyone describes a book for kids that way. The cover is also ominous. It tells you nothing. There's something about that that makes it too wicked for me not to read the book. If you're still with me, yeah... I'm weird.

It's also worth noting that I'm no longer currently writing for Kirkus Reviews. The 'new' section of the magazine I've been contributing to - Lifestyle - was started in February, but wasn't really bringing in advertising revenue and I guess wasn't generating the buzz they thought it would in general, so Kirkus decided to shut it down. I've had a mixed reaction to this news, but it's worth noting that overall, my experience working for Kirkus has been an overall positive one. I'll miss little post-its from Karen, my editor, and wouldn't rule out working for the publication at some future date. A big thank you to my librarian friend Laura; if it wasn't for her, I never would have known about nor written for Kirkus in the first place.

I did spend $20.98 on comics this week, and bought a few of the early DC 'reboot' titles. You might get some blogs (or lets be real, a single blog) on that sometime soon.

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