Friday, September 30, 2011

Comic Book Binge Buying #2

  • Teen Titans #1 was well worth the wait, even if it really is more Red Robin #1. It features Tim Drake and really only Tim Drake, with Cassie only really appearing at the end. Glimpses of the other Titans are shown because let's face it, Tim is really one just big electronic stalker. Nice to see his brain hasn't been rebooted, too. Middle panel on top is Wonder Girl transforming, and doesn't Cassie just look DA BOMB!?
  • Superboy #1, more aptly named, doesn't tell us a lot about the new Superboy. Just that he was grown in a lab, seems to have gotten the emotional attention of a hot lab assistant, and is being created as a weapon... against the Teen Titans. It'll be fun to read both titles every month, especially at the beginning of both titles. That time is now.
  • Firestorm #1 is a good effort, and compels me to at least check out the next issue. It might become a cluster@#$! of characters pretty damn fast, especially since it's hard establishing who is who in the first issue, who survived, and multiple Firestorms? My head already hurts, but worth a read at least. I'll give it a second go around next month.
  • X-Factor (I believe #225 we are on now) was back on it's game this week. I missed an issue, because Rahne had her baby. So it's back to the comic store for me, maybe with a spotlight review. But Rictor and Shatterstar seem to be in trouble, Guido is getting more evil, and some all powerful zombie villain wants to kill Layla. The last part is an interesting twist I definitely want more of. Longshot gets a few good lines, and really just is the bestest lately. ANOTHER tease about Longshot and Shatterstar being connected.
  • Gambit, feat. The Champions was a throwback issue, out of the 'Marvel Vault'. While it takes pains to avoid interactions between Gambit and Angel, as well as Iceman, they forgot Gambit also first met Ghost Rider in early issues of the nineties X-Men comic. Who knows, maybe it was a different Ghost Rider. It was a fun issue, but doesn't really do a whole lot for any characterization anywhere. Interesting to see Spat as a grown woman (Spat and dinosaur Grovel where not only action figures, but supporting characters in a pretty obscure 'X-Men in space' arc in Uncanny right before Gambit got kicked off the team. Story for another day, probably).

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