Monday, September 26, 2011

Gaming Day + General Updates

As September draws to a close, I find myself much less busy than I was over the summer. I am no longer blogging every week for work (I actually probably won't ever promise to do that again, in retrospect) and now that I'm no longer working for Kirkus, I'm patiently seeing if the fall season brings me any new review books from School Library Journal. At home, I'm still finishing up 'Breadcrumbs' - I've been taking my time with it, because... well, it's just a fantastic book.

At work, I'll be gearing up for National Gaming Day soon. This is the annual initiative of the ALA where we go pro-board and pro-video games. I've learned some things from last year: my event will be four hours instead of six, focusing on the hours when it got especially busy. We're also doing it exclusively in the afternoon, since no one really came in during the morning. I'm excited for it. I plan on playing a bunch of a Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe that day.

Not a lot to report... it's sad that when I actually have time to blog, I don't have much to blog about. Check my Goodreads profile for books I'm reading/read, as I've been really good about updating it lately. When October is over, the Children's Book List for 2011 should be completed, so I don't even know what I plan on doing with myself then.

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