Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moving on Up

Come hell or high water, I'm going to be moving at some point next year. As a result, I've been going through lots of stuff in my apartment and putting them, both mentally and physically in the 'keep/not keep' piles. Books are always the first thing I do this with, and as a result, I've either been donating my books to the library or moving them to a work shelf for safe keeping. So this is what I have left-

Pretty soon, they won't even be there. I'll be moving at least 3 or 4 before the Christmas break, and one of those books is an X-Mas present for my dad. Pretty eclectic group left, huh?

Anyway, I'm both sad and excited about it. SO WHY NOT BLOG IT!?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Graphic Novels Project Update

So... I have some good news!

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was a good kid and actually updated the blog then. And who wants two entries from me on the same day? No one, that's who. But I'm happy to report ::drumroll please:: There's is finally a title, ISBN, and release date for the graphic novel encyclopedia I spent a good portion of my life writing! Remember me complaining? Yay!!

<--- is one possible cover for it.

Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: HEROES & SUPERHEROES (978-1-58765-865-5) is the name and it retails for a whooping $295.00. You may not want to buy this one yourself, kids. But do encourage your local library to buy it, especially if it's an academic library with an art program. The release date says April, but many list it as 3/25/12.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Again, I am guilty for not really updating. But there's not a lot to say. I'm continuing to read Past Continuous ... and I'm enjoying it. It's weird. The story is very sci-fi and not really plausible, but the protagonist is kind of a fun guy to read. I can relate to him, and he's kind of an ass, yet he's still somehow cool at the same time. There's pretty hard for an author to pull off in a young adult book, in my humble opinion.

I still have to read Peter David's Fallen Angel book I bought at NYCC. I'm wondering what to bring home for reading. I may do Laura Bennett's book, which I still have yet to read, and maybe finally will when I'm on the bus headed back to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks. Of course, I'm defeating the entire idea behind owning a nook. That fact is supposed to prevent me from bringing a bunch of books home with me. But what's wrong with two or three... right!?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm planning a trip to the comic store soon, so hopefully I'll be able to post some covers of things I'm reading.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's Been Going On

I know it seems like I've been Absent Abby for the past few weeks, but I have been up to stuff:

I'm finally reading a new book (pictured right). I finished the first chapter and it's weird.

Not blogging here? 'cause I just wrote a blog for work. Sadly, it takes priority.

I've also been yelping up a storm, basically putting a new review up every day.

Also, if you miss me, I have not forsaken my Twitter account, which I update often.

I was writing a post about my experiences at the New York Comic Con, but it turned really negative really fast. I think I might just skip talking about it after all.

I haven't really gone out and bought any comics, either. I'm still reading Batgirl, Teen Titans, and Superboy from the New 52 round, but I might drop Superboy soon. Buffy has got her groove back, and X-Factor still remains my favorite. Wolverine and the X-Men actually isn't that bad, either. I'll post next time I buy stuff.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Scott Summers vs. a dinosaur

Cyclops is a babe. I bet he works out. (art by Whilce Portacio)

From a Marvel One-Shot Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age, Sept. 2010.