Friday, September 23, 2011

Comic Book Binge Buying #1

Batgirl #1 was probably my favorite, with the new Buffy comic a close second. Kick-Ass 2 finally got good with issue #3, but that's probably a sign it's worth waiting for trades. X-Factor didn't grab me with the filler issue, despite some funny moments. I do like Jamie and Layla together, which happens throughout the issue.

Angel and Faith is just okay, we'll see how it plays out. Very dense for a first issue. Batwoman is good, but I'm going to wait for the trade after this one. I think it might read better that way. Batwing is completely skippable, which is sad since I was expecting it to be really good.

Still waiting to buy Teen Titans #1 and possibly Scott Lobdell's two other books, but I'm not in a rush to go back to the store anytime soon. All the other reboot stuff to me seems kinda meh. I might give Firestorm (also by Simone, who writes Batgirl) a chance, too.

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