Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Trouble With Chickens

I briefly tried to think up a better title for this blog than just ganking the title of the book I want to talk about, but... well, that's an awesome title I feel the need to honor.

I've found myself flush with LibraryThing Early Reviewer books lately. I'm winning about one a month from the pile now after long lull of de nada. I've had mixed success with actually receiving these titles; because I was listing my home address and not my work one, HarperCollins foolishly sent a book to me UPS. If you read my yelp reviews, you know I hateHateHATE going to pick stuff up at the UPS Center, which is in the Bronx and right next to where I used to work. But I had Monday off and decided, what the hey? I should go out there and get my book. I didn't pay for it or anything, so I probably shouldn't complain.

I'm about halfway through The Trouble with Chickens. I don't think I'd ever describe a children's book as having noir elements; this book totally does. J.J. isn't just a rescue dog; he's a dog detective sniffing out the clues. I think this book could do for kids what the movie Brick did (or was supposed to do) for teens; it can introduce kids into this old element of a true mystery. You don't know what's going to happen and it's the not knowing that's the really interesting part. I could finish the book in one sitting, but I'm almost considering putting it off tomorrow... just to save if those two little chickens get saved in the end. I have a feeling like they just might make it. Also, you got to love a book I can not only read in a day, but pretty much read in an hour. Why don't I read more childrens books, I ask you? I might just have to start.

Anyway, I hadn't done a reading update in awhile. If you follow my Goodreads, I usually post what I'm reviewing for Kirkus and SLJ. My reviews were randomly due this week. I was all productive and finished them, so I actually had time to read something new (and possibly even play catch up, if I'm so inclined). I do recommend The Trouble With Chickens, though. It's a really adorable read.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Can Wonder Woman Bowl?

I discovered the answer when I was reading up on everyone's favorite ladyist.

So... "no" then. But read Wonder Woman: The Circle. It's making me like Wonder Woman a lot. That's something I never thought I'd say.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Pancake Disc Jockey

So, while I was on the hunt for a new Twitpic yesterday, I found this image by crazy random happenstance. It made me obviously want pancakes.

It's so awesome that I just felt the need to share it with you all.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Unfinished Book is a Terrible Thing

Recently, I have been putting myself in an awkward position.

I never like to say I've "read" a book without, you know, reading the entire thing. It might be that some of the books I've picked up lately are just.... meh, and so my lukewarm feelings lead ultimately to putting the book down. Then not picking it back up. The ending alludes me because in the end, I just don't care enough to care.

This is pretty sad, I think. It happened with Nic Sheff's We All Fall Down. I got all the way up to Part 3 of the story; it's divided into three parts, with the last part being just about 100 pages. I have it on my bookshelf at work. I know I'm going to go back and finish it at some point, but... I'm not really in a rush. You might recall this happened with Firestorm! a few months ago, too. As I try to embrace adult nonfiction, it seems to be happening even more. I'm worried it's less the content of the book and maybe just my lack of an attention span. Could it be that things are just not grabbing me like they used to? Am I just a bad reader? Do I only like books for teens and for kids?

I'm kind of curious if this happens to anyone else.

I'm sure it does, but not to the other readers I know.

As a librarian and a self-proclaimed reader's advisor, I usually tell patrons that if they are not enjoying a book they should just stop reading it. I can't take my own advice. I feel like you can't be super critical of a book you didn't get all the way through. Maybe Sheff's book gets really, unmistakably good in the last 100 pages. Maybe I should have just stuck with it in order to give it a chance. Books, like many people, often get the benefit of the doubt with me.

I just can't help thinking... an unfinished book is a terrible thing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Empty Threats (of Blogging Soon)

So I guess I kind of reneged on my promise to blog more, huh?

I did get a new gig writing reviews for Kirkus, which combined with my writing for School Library Journal, is keeping me fairly busy in terms of reading. And writing about what I'm writing. Using clever adjectives is something I'm just getting better and better at.

We should have a moment of silence for Borders. As you may or may not know, I was a big fan. They had a free rewards program. Their magazine selection was always superior. The two stores on the east side of Manhattan are both closing, so I'll have to take a trip to the stinky stores at Penn Station and Columbus Circle from now. I don't hate the Columbus Circle one - they had a CD I wanted one time there when no one else did, and I did meet Laura from the third season of Project Runway there. But I was just falling in love with the Park Avenue one... it bums me out that I won't be able to go there anymore.

It's not really like I spend a significant amount of money on buying books or even DVDs for that matter. But still.

I promise a more hearty blog soon. I caught up a lot on muh reading today, so hopefully I can update y'all soon.