Friday, January 23, 2009

Whisper Quiet

So, on top of all the wallet drama, my television decided to break randomly. I loved that effing television. I bought it before I moved to Boston even though I really couldn't afford it, brought it home with me when I finally finished school and moved back to NH, then brought it with me when I moved to New York. It's been with me for 3 states; the only 3 states I've ever lived in for extended periods of time. R.I.P. crappy DVD/VHS combo TV from Best Buy. I think you died because my roommate watched you too much.

Anyway, my apartment is much quieter now. That's something I actually enjoy, seeing as how Ms Roommate really loves cranking up the TV volume in the morning when she's getting her Today show on. Which wouldn't be annoying, except she thinks the Today show is an actual credible source of information. She quotes it. It's this whole thing. It kind of makes you hate morning television, and maybe even talk shows in general. Okay, maybe not every talk show. I still love you, Oprah.

It's my day off, and without the screaming sounds of my television to wake me up, and even though I somehow went to bed late (okay, I was catching up on 90210, which is improving. Not Whorelips, but pretty much everyone else has gotten better)... I still got up at 6:30 AM. Something tells me I'm going to be cranky later today. My two main goals for the day? I have about 3/4 of a load of laundry to do and I really should get a haircut. Doesn't that sound like it's going to seriously cut into my day? I could also go to police precincts and see if my wallet is turned in, but I bet they probably like it if you call first.

I found out yesterday that I'm working on Sunday. It's not my usual overtime place; it's another one I applied for and didn't know I got. Until they told me to come in. On Sunday. Yesterday. I don't know why I'm complaining. It's not like I'm going anywhere with my no ID. I did get my first replacement credit card in the mail yesterday, so boo yeah. My passport is hopefully going to get updated, and I'm hoping to get a new birth certificate. I'm worried my letters weighed too much. We'll see. I hope this journey into my inner psyche has been worth it for you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question of Identification

The unthinkable finally happened. While I was coming home after a late night out on Friday, my wallet fell unsuspectingly in the cab I was exiting. It was freezing outside, so I ran out of the yellow taxi pretty quick to avoid the cold weather. Despite this, once getting inside my apartment, I realized right away that my wallet was gone. Thus starts the long process that has taken over my life.

I canceled all my credit cards the day it happened. Thank goodness for 24/7 service. I had to wait until today to try and cancel my DD card and my MTA pass, and the MTA pass people... ick. They woman actually took a tone with me because I didn't leave a message the day it happened. Like, they really would have refunded me the money. Anyway, they're system was down, so they are the only people who I don't know about.

My license? I have to go back to NH for. I also need a birth certificate or a valid U.S. passport to get a new one. Right now, I have neither. My birth certificate, which is wallet sized, was in my wallet. My passport just expired in December 2008. Nashua will mail me a new birth certificate with $12.50 and some intimate financial records, while a new passport? Probably going to cost $70 to $100. Which I'm not crazy about, but should update as a back up.

I had to pick up a package Maso sent me today, and I used my college ID. That ended up working out, so let's hope I'm that lucky in the future. I'm planning on trying to take care of some of these factors on a trip to NH... which I'm taking the last week of February. That's over a month away. While I'm looking at this as a money-saving adventure for the next 3 paychecks, I must admit... I'm mad I did this to myself, and I'm surprised at how complicated all this stuff is. Once I get my new ID, I think I'm going to transfer it over to NY ID as soon as I can. That way, I won't have to trek back to NH next time.

I still haven't dealt with trying to replace my insurance cards. Other than contacting the human resources people at work, I'm not even really sure what to do. Contact the insurance people directly? I don't even know who to call. My life is so much fun right now.

So in conclusion, don't lose your wallet, kids. Even if it's that cold outside.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

For the record, this is why I'm excited about working overtime shifts on Sunday. I get to work at this place:

I don't know if you guys have ever watched Bones, but the sassy boss who took over their office in the second season said something her first episode which struck me; she loved working the new, state-of-the-art materials. It was her main reason for taking the job. That's kind of why I love this room. It's brand new. State-of-the-Art. Pretty wonderful.

Shout out to LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program. After not giving me any books for a few months (really since I started signing up for it), I finally got a new book; 'The Survivors Club' by Ben Sherwood. It's a nonfiction collection of stories of people who have survived different things in life. Out of the 3 books I've got so far, this is the one I'm probably most pumped to read. I have been reviewing them, and I guess they've updated the site to increase book chances for people who actually do their homework. I may post the review here... if you want.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everybody Get Random

The title of our post comes from underrated pop superstar Lady Sovereign, who has since been forgotten and replaced by the more bold and entertaining Lady GaGa. When I make my pop star debut? I will be known as Lady Ryan. Lord only knows what my shelf life will be.

Get it? Shelf life? That's a little library humor there, just in case you thought I was veering off library-themed silliness.

After attending a Library Journal sponsored event pretty much all day, I was considering writing reviews for their fine publication. The only thing is... you have to like apply for it. And have sample reviews. That no doubt won't get published. I mean... I got a lot of free books today. I guess I could start reading and put them to good use. I was just really hoping they would give me books and I could just go. I've decided that, while I am muddling through my 'required reading' of YA fiction, if it was more like a homework assignment I would probably do better. For some reason, I just do better with deadlines. In grad school? I was usually even early. Just not with cataloging homework (wink wink, Lizzy).

Despite my melancholy woes over my job for the past few months, there are some positive things going on. Tomorrow night, I will have my second 'Anime Night' program which will hopefully be more popular than the first. This anime is much more G-rated than the first, so I'm going to let kids come even if they're younger. I also bought some Pokey, which is one of the few Japanese snacks I've tried and like, so I'm excited about that. Mainly 'cause I'm going to have some. Last week, I inventoried our gaming equipment which people have avoided touching since the majority of it was stolen before I started my job. I discovered all this stuff that we have, but do not use. So I put the word out, trying to find a good home. Turns out? Only took a day. Only one person interested. It's probably getting picked up next week. I also applied and got accepted into an all expenses paid Geneology course run through the ALA website (which retails for a little under $200, so it's nice it's free). The ironic part is I decided to not renew my ALA membership for the time being, seeing as how it's over $100 smackers and I'm not going to any conferences in the next year. All that, and I found out today I have two more overtime shifts; one in April, and one in May... which goes very nicely with the next one I have in March.

All that, and I got time off to go to the New York Comic Con. I'm telling everyone at work that it's for library freebies, but if you know me better- it's really to try to see that screening of the Bruce Timm 'Wonder Woman' movie and to try to rub elbows with Amber Benson again. Or really any part of her... that would be fine with me. Maybe I could just stroke her hair or something. I'm kind of excited about it, like a big nerd, so it's nice to have things to look forward to.

So yeah... I thought I would give you some hope. I'm going to bed tonight more content that I have been in awhile. I guess you just have to spend the day getting some free books, ya know?

Monday, January 12, 2009

What I've Learned

I've been dragged, kicking and screaming, through Florida's voting process, private school 'joy,' the King of Pop wedding the Princess of Rock, NPR, PBS, PMS, Barney and his little 'friends,' Veggie Tales From the Hood, rap music that gets more irritating and offensive, and a President who receives 74 standing ovations for a 48 minute speech that he didn't even write.

Now I'm speaking, but hold your applause. Maybe you won't clap when I get through. Maybe you'll listen to what I'm saying. It's not 'Anti-American' so don't throw me in jail. In fact, don't draft me, either. I don't wanna fight Osama. My gay cousin does, but you're not asking, so I won't tell. I'll tell you if you're an International Man of Mystery. Yeah, baby. Remember not to shake a baby, especially if you're an English visitor. Tea and accents are the only valued English import. We can't still Big Ben yet, but give us time. It's time to be patriotic because hundreds of people have died in a senseless act of hatred. Buy your flag, support the economy. Remember, it's only legal to pay for it in Vegas, otherwise you're screwed.

We're probably all screwed anyway. If our President can't learn the big words, then who can? Let's clap for him anyway, whether he's making sense or not. A bitter Democrat is a frightening thing. You don't want to see me in the morning. Especially before coffee. I've got my caffeine buzz going, but what have I learned now that I didn't know then? A little cologne goes a long way and deodorant makes all the difference. I've learned that even if she dies twice, Buffy is still going to be somewhere kicking ass. I've learning those Nike commercials were right: I should just do it. After all is said and done, Britney Spears is not a role model for prepubescent girls.

Most of all, I've learning that my small voice among the many can make all the difference.