Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question of Identification

The unthinkable finally happened. While I was coming home after a late night out on Friday, my wallet fell unsuspectingly in the cab I was exiting. It was freezing outside, so I ran out of the yellow taxi pretty quick to avoid the cold weather. Despite this, once getting inside my apartment, I realized right away that my wallet was gone. Thus starts the long process that has taken over my life.

I canceled all my credit cards the day it happened. Thank goodness for 24/7 service. I had to wait until today to try and cancel my DD card and my MTA pass, and the MTA pass people... ick. They woman actually took a tone with me because I didn't leave a message the day it happened. Like, they really would have refunded me the money. Anyway, they're system was down, so they are the only people who I don't know about.

My license? I have to go back to NH for. I also need a birth certificate or a valid U.S. passport to get a new one. Right now, I have neither. My birth certificate, which is wallet sized, was in my wallet. My passport just expired in December 2008. Nashua will mail me a new birth certificate with $12.50 and some intimate financial records, while a new passport? Probably going to cost $70 to $100. Which I'm not crazy about, but should update as a back up.

I had to pick up a package Maso sent me today, and I used my college ID. That ended up working out, so let's hope I'm that lucky in the future. I'm planning on trying to take care of some of these factors on a trip to NH... which I'm taking the last week of February. That's over a month away. While I'm looking at this as a money-saving adventure for the next 3 paychecks, I must admit... I'm mad I did this to myself, and I'm surprised at how complicated all this stuff is. Once I get my new ID, I think I'm going to transfer it over to NY ID as soon as I can. That way, I won't have to trek back to NH next time.

I still haven't dealt with trying to replace my insurance cards. Other than contacting the human resources people at work, I'm not even really sure what to do. Contact the insurance people directly? I don't even know who to call. My life is so much fun right now.

So in conclusion, don't lose your wallet, kids. Even if it's that cold outside.

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Too Hotty said...

Hi you didn't tell me you kept your birth certificate in your wallet, which is probably good because I'd have made fun of you. Plus, who has a wallet-sized birth certificate? Mine is nice and big and I keep it somewhere it won't get stolen because I'm pretty sure if your birth certificate is destroyed you are unmade.