Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everybody Get Random

The title of our post comes from underrated pop superstar Lady Sovereign, who has since been forgotten and replaced by the more bold and entertaining Lady GaGa. When I make my pop star debut? I will be known as Lady Ryan. Lord only knows what my shelf life will be.

Get it? Shelf life? That's a little library humor there, just in case you thought I was veering off library-themed silliness.

After attending a Library Journal sponsored event pretty much all day, I was considering writing reviews for their fine publication. The only thing is... you have to like apply for it. And have sample reviews. That no doubt won't get published. I mean... I got a lot of free books today. I guess I could start reading and put them to good use. I was just really hoping they would give me books and I could just go. I've decided that, while I am muddling through my 'required reading' of YA fiction, if it was more like a homework assignment I would probably do better. For some reason, I just do better with deadlines. In grad school? I was usually even early. Just not with cataloging homework (wink wink, Lizzy).

Despite my melancholy woes over my job for the past few months, there are some positive things going on. Tomorrow night, I will have my second 'Anime Night' program which will hopefully be more popular than the first. This anime is much more G-rated than the first, so I'm going to let kids come even if they're younger. I also bought some Pokey, which is one of the few Japanese snacks I've tried and like, so I'm excited about that. Mainly 'cause I'm going to have some. Last week, I inventoried our gaming equipment which people have avoided touching since the majority of it was stolen before I started my job. I discovered all this stuff that we have, but do not use. So I put the word out, trying to find a good home. Turns out? Only took a day. Only one person interested. It's probably getting picked up next week. I also applied and got accepted into an all expenses paid Geneology course run through the ALA website (which retails for a little under $200, so it's nice it's free). The ironic part is I decided to not renew my ALA membership for the time being, seeing as how it's over $100 smackers and I'm not going to any conferences in the next year. All that, and I found out today I have two more overtime shifts; one in April, and one in May... which goes very nicely with the next one I have in March.

All that, and I got time off to go to the New York Comic Con. I'm telling everyone at work that it's for library freebies, but if you know me better- it's really to try to see that screening of the Bruce Timm 'Wonder Woman' movie and to try to rub elbows with Amber Benson again. Or really any part of her... that would be fine with me. Maybe I could just stroke her hair or something. I'm kind of excited about it, like a big nerd, so it's nice to have things to look forward to.

So yeah... I thought I would give you some hope. I'm going to bed tonight more content that I have been in awhile. I guess you just have to spend the day getting some free books, ya know?

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