Friday, April 30, 2010

Geting into "The Dark" ~ The Stuff of Legend

After finishing Ms Trigiani's Valentine books, I can focus on some of the titles School Library Journal sent me to review. While I still have yet to write the professional review, I just finished a re-release of a graphic novel called The Stuff of Legend. The first part in what I'm guessing is a 2-part series, the Stuff of Legend is... well, beautiful. It's kind of dark, kind of childlike, and all the characters are well, ... awesome. My favorite in the story is the well-spoken hatchet-wielding Jester who looks like a harlequin from hell. I also give major snaps to the nightmare-tranny-inspired Boogeyman, who looks like he was straight out of a "goth" challenge from RuPaul's Drag Race. One of the characters even dies towards the beginning of the book. By being ripped in half. This book is obviously not for children, even though it's about toys coming to life. I might even buy the second part (instead of getting a free library copy... d'uh!!) because I loved it so much. This edition, with the journal entries in prose-form in the back, adds a sort of background fleshed out background to the tale. Here's a pretty cool image for you to dwell over:

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