Sunday, March 28, 2010

Very Staten Island

So... despite the fact that it's been slow going, I have made progress in reading Very Valentine. I have a feeling that, with Valentine's trip to Italy taking place over the next few chapters, I will probably get really into the book. The weather has been getting nicer lately, and thus... I've been getting out of the house as much as I can and enjoying it, leaving less time for reading than I'd like. I'm working overtime on Staten Island today, so it gave me an opportunity to catch up on the ferry ride here. Hopefully, I'll complete a chapter or two on the ferry ride back as well.

The deadline for my completion of both books was extended for a month, leaving me to finish up "Valentine" before diving into the sequel, Brava, Valentine. Bernice McFadden, writer of "Sugar", was nice enough to happen across my blog and send me a copy of her book for an upcoming contest (I'll admit- I didn't even read the rules yet. I'm going to go do that right after this). I also won a 200+ ebook from Early Reviewers. PLUS, I had to take time out because of a mailing mishap where I got books from SLJ to review, but only got them 7 days after they were supposed to read + reviewed. It's a lot of homework, kids. I remember the good ol' days a year ago where I got to pick the books I read. Now, I'm part of so many different websites and contests it's a little overwhelming. I'm going to try to keep reading, though, and at least tell you if the stuff I am going through it crap. Valentine, for the record, isn't. I've just been so crazy lately it's hard for me to commit. Much like the character of Roman, who is so invested in his Little Italy restaurant he may not be committed to our heroine. I guess we'll see :)

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