Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very Valentine [continued]

I'm keeping up with my reading of Very Valentine, albeit at a slower pace that I would like. I'm now on page 134. I wish I still had moving as an excuse, but I just got internet at my new apartment and have been using it to catch up on the variety of TV shows I've been missing (mostly House and Legend of the Seeker this weekend, for the record). I'm a bad, bad book blogger.

But the drama is escalating in my little tale. Valentine's father just got diagnosed with cancer, and her evil brother Arthur has brought a broker around to show him the shoe business's space. The only comfort Valentine has is her new beau, a successful chef with a small restaurant in Little Italy. The romance aspects of the book prove to be a nice break from the multitude of family problems that are plaguing our heroine.

In other news, I finally won another ARC book from our favorite website LibraryThing! The downside, kinda, is that it's an eBook, meaning I will have to stare at a computer screen to read it. The book isn't too long, however. I will probably review it when I finish up reading it sometime in the next month or so.

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