Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lantern's Light

So, if you know me, you know it's weird that I would buy a Marvel or a DC graphic novel and then not immediately read it. Well, what happened was... I got one for free. Then I put it next to my alarm clock. Then it ended up under my alarm clock. Then I would look at it every night before bed... taunting me. Yesterday, after a day filled with watching television on my computer (I quite literally ran out of 'new' shows to watch) and ordering pizza, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I finally buckled down and read that damn Green Lantern graphic novel.

And it was pretty good. It was a volume 2, which was totally also something I would not have bought myself. I would have gone for a volume 1. I'm more into DC trade paperbacks lately because the stories are usually more varied and they are much, much cheaper than Marvel ones. Sorry, Marvel. You are the bulk of my comic book collection, but I got most of that when I was paying for you. My mom was. God, I miss Tina... she certainly did spring a couple of bucks for the newest X-Men... but NO MORE! So DC? You're fun to read and you're cheap. You're like that tranny down the street who blocks my entrance into the subway.

BTW, sorry for the long space between posts. Turns out? I can't update my blog at work. It crashes not one but multiple computers, all of which are the only ones I can really use. When I'm at home, I'm more using my computer for recreational activities. While I guess you could say this is for recreation... I mean jeez. It always feel like damn work. I'm going to try harder. Would it help if I just didn't talk about what I was reading all the time? COMMENT BELOW!!

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Scottula said...

Yeah write more ok? Like Lois Lane. Writing's her favorite, and look how thin she is.