Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Gay Librarian

For the next few months, I'll be focusing on LGBTQ fiction. I've read a couple, so here they are: I'll admit it. I've picked small ones to start.

When I was still organizing my shelf, "The Slow Fix" by Ivan Coyote stood out for me. I picked it up and read it within the week. Coyote has been up for, and I believe won, some ALA awards for her writing before. This, well... it's more of a collection of essays, is pretty much autobiographical. It doesn't really follow a linear format; sometimes Ivan is talking about her girlfriend, then in the next story she's single, then back to the girlfriend for example. I enjoyed reading it. There was a story about her queer nephew who grows up to be not so queer which is sort of sad and beautiful. It's worth reading, but is super quick to read and the stories don't really compliment each other. It seems kind of like a bunch of stuff was slammed together here. Some works, some doesn't. I liked it, though, and I'm glad I picked it for my first book.

Followed by "Shuck" - a loose fictional account by a first-time author who somewhat lived what poorly named main character Jaeven goes through. I liked this book, pretty much alone among the other reviews of the book I've read. Maybe I'm easy to please when it comes to fiction. I don't think the point is to like Jaeven here... he's pretty much as unlikeable as you can get. His relationship with his roommate/friend/boyfriend is bizarre, but... well, aren't most relationships? I didn't find the book highly sexual, which I guess was a big selling or discussion point for it. Not a lot of actual sex occurs. Really there's just that art gallery thing with the goth boy towards the end. The book is very New York and got me smiling on the references (esp. Dr. Zizmor). A good read- I think I know a lot of gays who would love the book, but also probably not the best in the end.

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Scottula said...

Gay fiction, huh? I hope you don't go crazy sifting through all the first-time, coming-of-age, coming-out, and AIDS-related novels that give the genre its mediocre name.

You sound like you're off to an ok start, though. lol @ Dr. Zizmor