Monday, October 19, 2009

Breast Cancer & Comic Books

Yesterday, I woke up early and walked for breast cancer. I was supposed to walk in the NYC AIDS Walk. I raised money, then finally met up with a fella one night, and never ended up actually walking. While I didn't fully complete the breast cancer walk, I did get almost all of the way through it. I should have done the whole thing, but the weather was so bad I decided to duck out early before I got sick from the cold and rain. Judging on how I feel today, I may have ducked out too late :-( I raised $50 bucks (thank you my dad, Ben H. and my roommate Kay!!), which is less than the AIDS Walk but still pretty respectable. I really did it for the free t-shirt... I couldn't find the library team yesterday, so I thought I might miss out. But they're gonna send me the t-shirt anyway, so score.

To take a break from my babbling about reading and tell you a fun library story, I have this kid who comes into the library. He's I think 17 years old. I told him he should start coming to the YA events. And he just did. I've only ever asked a dozen or so kids to come to events sincerely (which is probably why my numbers aren't super big right now), but I always think, at least with people, it's quality over quantity. This kid is the only one who has come more than once, and he's now of the I would say 3 fixture YAs at my library. He told me a few weeks ago he likes superhero comics and complained the library doesn't have them. He's right. So I brought some from home and I'm letting him borrow them one at a time. Sometimes my job can be... frustrating. I mean, I always make the best of everything, but I've been a little down lately. Letting this kid borrow my comic books? This makes me feel great; it's like, why I became a librarian. Anyway, I know that's probably not that inspiration or anything, but it did give me a boost. And as my gentle reader, when I get a boost, you do too... don'tchya?

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