Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saying [Hello] in RoBot

I finallyFinallyFINALLY finished The Doom Machine. An outer space epic is hard to get through sometimes, even if it is pretty good. And I did love me some gigantic alien spiders, but the descriptions in the book were often so brief I went back and read them over again many times. It became time consuming. All in all, a good book- I recommend it, especially if you're one of those My Teacher is an Alien! fans.

I should be re-reading A Wrinkle in Time for my teen book club, but decided to take a chance with a Scholatic ARC coming out in October titled How to Say Goodbye in Robot. Robot it very, very good. References to everything I love; late night radio, Female Trouble, and Beverly Cleary books. You know you love it. I kind of don't love the busted subplot about her friend's brother, but I figured they had to have some secret thing that ties them together. I have a hundred pages left, and I picked it as my vacation book so... kind of savoring the end. I have a feeling I will do it in one shot. Kind of wish I brought 'Wrinkle' along for the ride.

I have an Oscar Wilde play to read (always forget the name of it) for a Book Discussion Training at work, so I guess I'll read that next. All in all, my trip to NH is really good. No better place to catch up on all your reading.

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Too Hotty said...

Yay! When do you come home again?