Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Review: The Waking | Dreams of the Dead

The story follows a girl named Kara who, along with her teacher father, move to Japan. The pair have relocated to the small Japanese town of Miyazu Bay following the death of Kara's mother a few years before. Kara doesn't make many friends at first, but is instantly interested in a rebel punk girl named Sakura who seems to be an outsider herself. As Kara gets into the swing of the Japenese school year and way of life, she starts to hear whispers about a girl who was murdered just outside the school grounds several weeks before. After visiting the dead girl's shrine and seeing a cat die and then explicably return to life, Kara realizes there is something not quite normal going on. She, and several other students at the school, start having vivid nightmares about laughing girls with no faces. When the mean clique of soccer girls start dying one by one, Kara fears she's next.

This is exactly the type of title teens coming into my library are always asking me for. They want spooky, scary books. This book definitely brings the creepy, and it has a little romance between protaganist Kara and a Japanese boy named Hachiro. It's also part of a series, with the other two books coming out several months after this one. I believe that will appeal to teens as well, who often like series opposed to single titles. Recommended for ages 13+.

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