Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Concerts & People: A Bad Mix

While this will break from my usual, "What am I reading?" blog entries (it's Viola in Reel Life right now- coming October 2009- and it's GOOD, girl!) I just came back from a concert and feel compelled to write. Who did I see? Well, Jay Brannan in NYC... but that hardly matters. What matters is the people who were at the show. Someone decided to shove right next to me after Mr. Brannan took the stage, and it was in an area that was not okay. He was violating my personal space. I also took a seat, which meant I had to BUY things at this show. He didn't. His view was as good as mine. And that's just not right. Plus PLUS!!- He decided to whip out his cell phone for 2 minutes during every song, then proceeded to get drunk and sing along badly. I paid $15 for the tickets, but ended up spending over $100 over the course of the night on a 2nd unused ticket, merch, and the food I was forced to buy. For what? For this guy to try and ruin the show for me? I still had fun, but geez. This is why concerts are a bad idea. People seriously don't give a flying ::expletive:: as to whether they ruin their fellow concert-goers time. At. All.

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