Friday, April 17, 2009

October is Sooner than You Think

Props to YALSA for being kind of organized. They are already promoting this year's teen read week that takes place in October, Why am I telling you about this? Because I already registered, so all the 'first 100 libraries' swag is totally going to me. Hopefully. I registered in like, the first 2 hours after the e-mail. A hundred people couldn't have beat me to it. I mean, hopefully.

Anyway, would it be bad if I make an event around the "We the People" books part of Teen Read Week? It has nothing to do with the theme. But it does kind of kill two birds with one stone- doing a 'read theme'd program at my library for the week, and using the books which I'm supposed to be doing throughout the year. I guess we'll see if the books are still there in October, ay?

Finally finished "Thief of Hearts" by Christopher Golden today in the DMV line. The other book I own is "Meets the Eye", so that might come up in the future as my next read. I also rejoined the Science Fiction Book Club, so I have like, actual books in my apartment now. I just never read them. And reading lately has been making me sleepy. I will try to do better. I just like comic books so much more than the regular. Don't you?

I miss you all horribly. Peace.

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