Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sizzlin' Smokin' Summer

Sorry for the lack of updates, kids.

I've been busy at work attempting to blog at least once a week. While I think this makes the quality of my blogs take a little bit of a nosedive, it has been kind of fun to set this up as sort of a weekly challenge for myself. I'm planning on doing keeping pace with this until the end of August. That's when I'll be done with my weekly blog "series." The best part? The background research is watching old television shows.

I have also been busy reviewing books like a MoFo. This includes the rather lazy post a few weeks ago where I just up some covers of books I was in the process of reviewing. I've gotten through those, and now have two new ones from School Library Journal (including the one who's cover you are seeing). I can't see "Geek Wisdom" is one of my favorite books, but it does have nerdy footnotes at the bottom of every page, and there was one on Spider-Man I enjoyed.

Sadly, with my review duties at Kirkus and my attempts to finish up work on the Salem Press/EBSCO "Graphic Novels" reference project (I'm writing about WONDER WOMAN this time, which is actually a lot more fun than it probably sounds) I have kind of a busy summer in store for myself. That means this blog? Going to get neglected. Hopefully in the fall (or if I just find myself with oodles of time), I'll get back to updating on a regular basis. I want to be better, I swear. Maybe. Probably.

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