Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Trouble With Chickens

I briefly tried to think up a better title for this blog than just ganking the title of the book I want to talk about, but... well, that's an awesome title I feel the need to honor.

I've found myself flush with LibraryThing Early Reviewer books lately. I'm winning about one a month from the pile now after long lull of de nada. I've had mixed success with actually receiving these titles; because I was listing my home address and not my work one, HarperCollins foolishly sent a book to me UPS. If you read my yelp reviews, you know I hateHateHATE going to pick stuff up at the UPS Center, which is in the Bronx and right next to where I used to work. But I had Monday off and decided, what the hey? I should go out there and get my book. I didn't pay for it or anything, so I probably shouldn't complain.

I'm about halfway through The Trouble with Chickens. I don't think I'd ever describe a children's book as having noir elements; this book totally does. J.J. isn't just a rescue dog; he's a dog detective sniffing out the clues. I think this book could do for kids what the movie Brick did (or was supposed to do) for teens; it can introduce kids into this old element of a true mystery. You don't know what's going to happen and it's the not knowing that's the really interesting part. I could finish the book in one sitting, but I'm almost considering putting it off tomorrow... just to save if those two little chickens get saved in the end. I have a feeling like they just might make it. Also, you got to love a book I can not only read in a day, but pretty much read in an hour. Why don't I read more childrens books, I ask you? I might just have to start.

Anyway, I hadn't done a reading update in awhile. If you follow my Goodreads, I usually post what I'm reviewing for Kirkus and SLJ. My reviews were randomly due this week. I was all productive and finished them, so I actually had time to read something new (and possibly even play catch up, if I'm so inclined). I do recommend The Trouble With Chickens, though. It's a really adorable read.

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