Sunday, June 13, 2010

CURRENT: Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Before I even get started, I would just like to take a quick minute and thank the YA Book Blog Directory for listing me in their index. Y'all know I love tooting my own horn, but it's a quiet toot when no one is reading. I'm glad that I'm listed at this index, since it means more people will be able to find my little corner of the internet and read about my reading. I'm all about access, people.

I suppose we should take a time out to talk about what I'm reading. I did start a new young adult novel post Book Expo America 2010. The title, Annexed by Sharon Dogar, was one I had high hopes for. I'm over 50 pages into it now. It's kind of bumming me out. While that's not unexpected with the subject matter, I'm not a big fan of the protaganist. He's just not that interesting. While I do believe that some women can write men and vice versa, Ms. Doger is definitely having a problem with it in this book. Peter is just way too emotional. While it could be argued that it was a very emotional time, I think a switch from first to third person might have been a better decision for the early chapters of this novel. I think I'm going to put it down for a bit, let it sit in my head for awhile, then give it another chance. I'm just kind of disappointed I'm not liking the book as much as I thought I was going to.

My graphic novel re-reading has been moving in full-force, as you can see from the many, many updates my blog has already had this month. I'm focusing on two of the bigger works I have left, namely Marvel's X-Men: Fall of the Mutants and DC's New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. I'm working a Sunday overtime shift on Staten Island today, so I brought the latter along for some light ferry reading. Some of the '80s dialogue is just atrocious, especially in the Titans where it borders on corny. I hope you guys are enjoying my 'vintage reviews' - I'm really enjoying writing them.

I'm also looking to expand the scope of my published review sphere. While I will still continue to write for School Library Journal as long as they will let me, I also recently submitted an application to review YA & Children's materials in Booklist. If you know of any source that is currently looking for reviews, please contact me through e-mail or through the comments section here. I am very interested and would be really appreciative. It does kind of limit what I can review and write here; if I do actually like a YA book, I'm usually reviewing it for SLJ or talking about it on my library's official blog. This has become more of a space for personal book reflection, out-of-print comics, and books I hate or dislike. Maybe that ultimately makes it more interesting to read.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!


realist said...

perhaps you don't like annexed cos there aren't any pictures to make it easier for you? i mean, really. comic books? that's weak man.

Ryan said...

actually, I didn't like 'Annexed' because it's poorly written. and comics rock. you obviously don't.