Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CURRENT: You by Charles Benoit

So, as a nice unexpected break from my graphic novel reading SLJ has sent me a chapter book by first time YA novelist Charles Benoit. The book is called "You" - which, is... well it's weirdly titled. I'm about halfway through it two days after I got it. It's a quick read at just 200+ pages. Reading a book fast for me is a good sign. I want to find out what happens. There's a weird kid in a sports jacket. The main character is in love with a girl named Ashley, but is really too scared to tell her. And you know something bad is going to happen. I usually don't like books that are all ominous, but this one is definitely doing it correctly. The book is coming out soon, and I really recommending heading to your local library and checking out a copy.

I know I promised a review of "Countdown" - I did finish it. I loved it. It's a cute book, and I'm talking to anyone who will listen about it. I'm taking some time to make the rounds at Book Expo America 2010. Following SLJ's Day of Dialog tomorrow, I have four new books that I picked up by the end of the day. The most promising is "Annexed" - a sort of re-telling of Anne Frank's story from the perspective of the boy she liked. While this might make some people pause conceptually, as no one wants to mess with that particular source material, I have a feeling this upcoming YA novel might be great. With me finishing up "You" so quickly, I might need something to read ASAP.

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