Saturday, January 9, 2010

CURRENT: World Without a Superman

I just finished Peck's Sprout this morning. Much better than I thought. It might be too little too late... the supporting characters who are so important at the beginning essentially fade away into nothingness during the second part, and I still know that I liked the book in the end. Kind of sad, but ends on a hopeful note. It's the type of book that makes you long for a redneck boyfriend from Kansas.

Speaking of Kansas... guess what I just bought? I'll give you a hint. It is neither bird... not plane... yep. That guy. After springing for The Death of Superman last year while I was building my NYC graphic novel collection, I decided to follow it up by purchasing the sequel as well. It's justified, since as a kid I had most of the Reign of Superman individual issues (who didn't love Superboy and the Cyborg Superman? I know I did!). I had only actually read the second issue from what this trade paperback collects, a story focusing on Supergirl trying to quell the riots in Metropolis following the Man of Steel's death. I'm not all the way through it... I probably will be this afternoon. While there are a lot of convoluted characters, especially Dubbilex, the Guardian, and those weird Time Twisty (not their actual names, but doesn't that sound comic booky?) dudes who breifly argue over changing history to bring Supes back, the story is a pretty accurate depiction of, if there was a Superman, and that Superman died, what would happen? The police and the government have a standoff over his body, Lois is basically a mess during the whole thing, and his parents don't even initially believe it's happened- they just quietly wait for Clark to come back. I like it. They don't make stories like this anymore, kids.

Coming soon is my review of the first 5 issues (collected in the Volume 1 Trade Paperback) of X-Men Forever. The great thing about reviewing graphic novels and trade paperbacks? I can read them and review them fast, so you get more from me. P.S. I accept all Marvel/DC donations.

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