Monday, August 3, 2009

School Library Journal

Several weeks ago, or so long ago I pretty much had already forgotten about it, I sent in an application to do reviews for a little magazine called School Library Journal. As my two 'sample reviews' I actually sent in two recent reviews I had done for my blog at the time. I never received a letter or anything stating that I was accepted, but last Friday they decided to send me a book. So I guess I'm in.

The book they sent me, Out of the Blue by S.L. Rottman, was not something I normally would have picked up. But after really reading it today, I could hardly put it down. It was good. So I just typed up my 250 words (that's right. I used all 250 of 'em!) and sent it off to SLJ. I think I also need to submit a contract for my "Unpaid License". I think part of the fine print, sadly, is that I can't post the review in my blog (or anywhere else for that matter). I can tell you that Out of the Blue comes out in October and you should read it. If you purchase YA stuff or general fiction for your library, I would also recommend buying it. I don't usually say that in my blog, but here... I mean it. This, and Sophomore Switch, are probably the two best out of the dozen or so I've read so far. So those would be your top picks, people.

My review was mostly summary, but hopefully it gets published. I would really love to see my name in print, I am that shallow. I was noticing that my other boss who scheduled me for overtime in the "big house" (as Jay called it) is in SLJ, and I'm guessing I'll find a bunch more people I work with in there as well. It would be nice for them to see me and maybe smirk a little. Anyway, just thought I would share. I'm glad I at least have the chance to do this. And if they don't like this review, hey... maybe they'll send me another. Someone reviewed a Green Lantern graphic novel and I, for the record, could have done a better job... probably :-)

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