Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kind of in a Rut

I'm starting to run out of books to read. The SLJ review book came at the perfect time. That was a week ago. Now, I have about 5 or 6 books in my office. The two good looking ones have already been reviewed, and the others are either for kids younger than 12 (making them not YA officially) or ... they suck. I started trying to read this book that was authored by a Japanese manga scripter. It was translated. And I just don't like it. So you know what? I'm going to follow my own advice I give to teen readers and stop reading it. I didn't like the first two chapters. Even a little bit. Let it be noted; I gave Japan a chance.

For some techy updates, I did update the blogs in my list since really the list is for me and I've been reading blogs more. There's actually another one I'm adding this afternoon so the hits keep coming. I'm trying to remember to yelp more, but... I always try to be funny and witty in those, and it just doesn't always happen. That makes me, you know, not want to do them. But I'm trying. I also added links on the side to my deviantArt account (which has lain dormant for years) - I put up some scans of artwork I did in the library over the summer, so you can see what most of a semester as an art major got me (psssst... no talent). I also have a twitter account, which is like... not even really a twitter. I just linked it to my plurk account, which is the fake twitter I was using for a year since Kristin made me, and it updates the twitter automatically. My yelp does the same thing. None of these things are on my facebook, since this paragraph was highly annoying and it would be even more annoying if you read it on facebook CONSTANTLY. Right?

LibraryThing has a lot of cool updates, and I signed up for EarlyReviewers this month to get some books (hopefully! fingers crossed!). Check it out, because I am loving going back and editing lists of books- I'm going to finally be able to sort out my NYC books (the whole 30 in my apartment) from the hundreds I have at home. I'm also starting a graphic novel book club at my library, hopefully, so we'll see how that goes. It's all adult-themed graphic novels, but I'll finally read stuff like Persepolis that I always wanted to read. I'm also waiting for a Random Buzzer's book to come in called Monster Variation, but none of these are coming in this week. I need something to read NOW, dangit!

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