Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Reading Blues... and Hope.

So, the Summer Reading Website, as of right now, still does not work. It was supposed to work at the beginning of May. It's almost the end of May now. I'm trying to hype people up teens at my library for it, but it's kind of hard when they want to sign up and they can't. The incentives still haven't come, and we keep getting e-mails about how there's less and less of them with each passing week. It's getting kind of sad. At least, fot his librarian right here.

Despite this bad news bear, I am still trudging along with summer reading plans. I have a host of summer events planned at my library, including some sponsored art programs and some movie nights. Still I'm planning more. I just e-mailed my supervisor a proposal for a "Teen Summer Reading Club" - sort of a forum for teens to sit in a small group and talk about what they all are reading. The club would have 7 official meetings, 5 of which occur early in the summer reading process, the final 2 being towards the end (near my planned ending party). I'm hoping my boss goes for it. I think it will be fun for everyone.

What am I reading? I know you're curious. Next up on the block is "Sophomore Switch" - another Candlewick Press book. In the fall I went to a publisher's presentation, and Candlewick's was the best. They made me want to read "Swim the Fly" and "Sophomore Switch". So far, my new book is much better than my last one. I'm really digging Emily, the English character. She is fun to read about. I'm alread over 100 pages into it. You'll of course get a review when I'm finished but I'm smelling a rave!

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