Monday, February 2, 2009

The Month of Love

So February is finally here. It kind of makes me glad January is over. I lost my wallet and have to wait until the end of this month to get a new ID. Work has reached a new level of suck so that has been great. All in all, there's nowhere to really go but up. And there's nothing like spending Valentine's Day alone that makes me really want to kill myself.

At Kay's suggestion, I spent most of the evening with her doing a "roommate night." This is mostly just us cleaning the apartment together. I have promised to clean the bathroom once a month. I have to say, it really needs to happen once every two weeks. It doesn't get too gross, but... ick. It needs a good sprucing. I helped her sweep up and swiffer the rest, but I hate being watched while I clean. It's not why she wants to do it together; I think she wants to make it fun. But it's cleaning. I get stuffy from the chemicals and I'm in a bad mood. We got Chinese food. I paid for it, which is good, because I've been such a cheap-o lately. Anyway, I'm actually kind of looking forward to next month now. First Monday of every month, baby.

I guess there's some small notes for y'all:
-I resigned my lease with Kay this past weekend. Pending my firing or layoff (which kids, could actually happen! Yeah, work's been fun...) I will probably be staying in New York City until the end of February 2010.
-I am now actively looking for a new job. While that is no surprise if you have talked to me in the past few months, and while I will probably stay where I am given our economy and all, let me know if you hear of any library jobs in NYC.
-I am coming back to NH! For a week! At the end of this month! Exact dates are TBA, but I'm thinking of a Monday - Thursday scenario. Could be shorter 'cause of Tina. I really only need one day to get a new ID.

I guess that's not that many notes after all. I feel like there was more to tell you, I just probably forgot it all. It was a really nice day today. I hear it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Not looking forward to whenever it snows, mainly 'cause I've become a 'walker' again.

I've finally passed page 200 in The Survivors Club. This is good news, since LibraryThing, in its infinite and random algorithmy wisdom has decided to give me a new book to review for February. I'll give you more details on the new book later, but I'm hoping to finish SC sometime in the next week or so. Honestly, it's just so big :)

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