Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spookio vs. Privacy

I know that many people were not a fan of Facebook's update several months ago, but despite the updated 'news feed' where you can track your friends there are far worse things out there. Take for example what I heard one searching expert call Spookio. This is a social network aggregator which tracks your activity on 41 DIFFERENT SOCIAL NETWORKS! It will tell me what you viewed on youtube, what you looked at on amazon, and the exact text of any chat you do on myspace. And that's just when I've played around with it for five minutes. This thing is scary. I just found out you have to pay for it. At $3.00 a month, if you love stalking, it's a real steal. You also get 5 random contacts in your e-mail for free, so if you happen to have unlucky odds in a former lover's e-mail contacts, you mind find someone you don't want knowing anything about you suddenly knowing a heckuva lotta stuff. One reason to stay offline and start a real life. Or at least not log in to websites everywhere you go on this world wide web.

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Anonymous said...

That is downright creepy.