Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Epic End of October Updates & Stuff

I'm proud of you guys for sticking with me during all my Buffy posts. I know not everyone was into it... but admit it. Some of you were. I threw in an X-Men and Batman title for balance, just in case Buffy was not your thing. I had a good time at New York Comic-Con 2010. For those that attended my panel, or didn't but wanted to, I did want to provide the handout for anyone that didn't get a copy. What's coming up in 2010, you ask? I am going to tackle a big collection in X-Men: Fall of the Mutants during the next few weeks that will be divided into three parts (Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants respectively). The majority of my Vintage posts are done. I only have a few titles left to review, none of which will really be "vintage." Two were even published in the last year. I feel like it's the end of an era, so I've been thinking a lot about what direction this little blog should go in for 2011.

Here's a little image preview of a few covers from upcoming year-end entries:

So I might be reviewing single issue comic books after that. I'm sort of saving up Louise Simonson's new Birds of Prey series just for that purpose. I was also into the Red Hood series by Judd Winick that came out which has just one issue left. Maybe I'll review them in storyarcs so, when an actual graphic novel comes out, you can think about buying them for your library or your personal connection. I'm also considering buying a trades from Borders periodically just to review it. I guess we'll see what the future holds, but I think the last few titles will keep me busy for the next couple of months.

I'm taking suggestions for review titles- what would you like me to talk about?

For those of you curious as to whether I'm getting my YA on, I've also started doing something I call "lunchtime reading." It's reading at lunch. I bet you didn't guess that. This is because I often go a diner around the corner from the library alone on my lunch break. Since I end up watching some football game or something I'm even less interested in, I've decided to be one of those New Yorkers who reads while they eat. Reading also makes me look less pathetic I've decided... but probably not by much. I'm taking the opportunity to finish up two books I stated reading and never finished- Firestorm! by Joan Hiatt Harlow and Witch & Wizard by James Patterson. I've got maybe 60 pages left in the former (it's a fast read), but I really just started reading the Patterson before stopping. So I've got a lot more to read there. I also only read I would say 10-20 pages a day, so it'll be awhile before I've finished the books.

Also... I redesigned the blog! Do you like it? It's Envy Adams friendly now.

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Drew said...

"I'm proud of you guys for sticking with me during all my Buffy posts." Whatever. Buffy's awesome. But I do enjoy splitting it up with these others.