Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dry Spell.

It happened again. I finished a few books all in a row... and now I'm taking a reading break. Since I did start reading The Seven Rays awhile back (was it only a month and a half ago?) I do feel obligated to finish. It's in my bag. I've been carrying it around with me. But... I read some reviews on Goodreads and on LibraryThing and two chapters later? I might be slightly agreeing with the negativity. Still, I'm going to give it a shot. Every book deserves a chance, I always say.

I did attend the ALA Conference in Boston last month and I did actually pick up an ARC book that's not coming out until later this year. It's an adult title, and kind of more geared towards the fantasy genre, so I might try that one after I finish up Rays. If I ever finish it up. Honestly... don't you just sometimes need a break? I think I will be recharged when I get my copy of Very Valentine in the mail because I love Adriani Trigiani, but for right now? I'm kind of enjoying the not reading.

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